About MTS

Mike's Technical Service was founded by Mike Rodarte in 2005. Mike started working with computers and websites in 1998. The clean-up of computers started after Mike's mother had virii on her computer and he was to get rid of them. Since then, he has been helping other people get their computers clean.

Mike enjoys helping people and making them more self-sufficient. He is not all about getting money from people, that's why his rates are lower than almost everyone else around.

When the computer starts operating slower than usual, the website needs improvement or just to be created, or there is another computer issue to be resolved, give Mike a call.

Mike no longer works alone, but has reliable and experienced contractors working with him. These contractors can take care of things such as

  • extensive PHP websites
  • relational databases
  • Mac service
  • PC malware removal
  • PC hardware repair/upgrade
  • PC assembling
  • graphic design
  • flash websites and animations
Is this what you feel like doing to your computer?